Pool Fun and Fitness Equipments

Aqua exercises are similar to the ones done on the ground or the gym, with the added advantage of minimal impact on your joints. So, whether its kicking, jogging or aerobics you can use the pool as your playground or gym and have fun while getting fit. All that you would need to make the most out of these work-out programs are devices that can help you stay afloat.

To incorporate weight training in your aqua exercise program, you may consider investing in hand held wet bells. As the name suggests wet bells are like dumbbells made especially for use in the pool. They get heavier as you push them down in water, making them ideal strength training equipments for a pool work out program.

To add an extra element of fun to your pool time, you can even invest in accessories like game boards and swings.

Game boards designed for pools can float in water, so that you can play a leisurely game of chess or checkers while lounging in your pool chair or float. Some game boards can also double up as floating beverage trays, so that you can use them the way you like.

Pool swings are u-shape chairs with a sling seat. They are not adjustable, i.e. you can’t lie down or recline in them, but at the same time they are far cheaper than their adjustable and more comfortable counterparts like lounge chairs. Pool swings are ideal for use in pool party games like musical chairs etc. If you are fond of hosting pool parties investing in a pool swings would be a great and economical way to make your guests comfortable in the pool.

So, if you have a backyard pool, investing in some cool fitness products makes a lot of sense. After all not only will these products bring good health but also precious moments filled with fun and games for your family and friends.

Fun Outdoor Games and Tips

This weekend, instead of non-stop video games and TV, try turning your family onto some fun outdoor games.

You might be saying to yourself, “You don’t know my family. I’ll have a snowball’s chance in hell to get my family outdoors.” Don’t worry. The games and tips presented here will keep everyone engaged, having a blast and begging to play more.

Three Holes is a fun ball game for 2-10 players or more. You’ll need a hard dirt playing surface and a golf ball for every player. First make three shallow holes with your heel, all in a straight line with five to fifteen feet between the holes. Add a rolling line next to one of the end holes.

The object for each player is to roll his ball into each of the three holes two times. If he misses during any roll, his ball stays put and the next player takes a turn. The next player can roll his ball to the hole or to his opponents ball. This can be beneficial if the other players ball is closer than the hole. If he hits the ball he can throw from that spot to the hole and proceed to the next hole. When he lands in a hole, he rolls to the next hole by first placing his heel in the previously landed hole and rolling to the next.

Fun Outdoor Games Tip. Studies show that outdoor play is maximized when appropriate equipment and materials are combined with grown-up participation. So rather than sending your kids out to play, go toss a ball with them, play a chasing game or teach them some of the fun outdoor games from your childhood.

Three Deep is a fun tag game for children and adults. You’ll need at least 15 players. All the players except two form a double circle (couples), all facing inward, with one player standing behind another with about 3 feet between them. The two remaining players are designated as the chaser and the runner.

The object of Three Deep is for the chaser to tag the runner. Any runner may find refuge at any of the “safe points,” (inside the circle in front of any of the couples). The outer player (three deep) now becomes the runner and can now be tagged by the chaser but the new runner can’t take refuge with any couple to his direct right or left. When a chaser tags a runner, they switch places. Running through the circle is okay but no player may stop for refuge in the circle. Play until tired.

Fun Outdoor Games Tip. One of the main reasons families don’t have fun outdoors is because parents forget the purpose of going outdoors. That is to have fun. One way to avoid this breakdown is to have periodic fun checks. All you do is check from time to time that everyone is having fun. If a breakdown is identified, everyone works together to make things more fun. The fix might be a game change up or slowing down the pace of the game.

Stealing Sticks is a game for 10-30 or more players. First divide the playing field into two equal parts and mark a goal on the ground at the end of each side. Next, place six sticks at each goal. The object is for one team to acquire all the sticks. Whenever a player makes its safely to the other goal, he carries back one stick and is exempted from being tagged on the way back. If a player is tagged in the process of stealing a stick, he becomes a prisoner. Prisoners can be freed when tagged by another teammate and are exempt from being tagged on the way back. No sticks leave the goal area when players are in prison.

Fun Outdoor Games Tip. One way to maximize fun is to invite several families for a fun outdoor games night. Games can be much more fun as you add in some friendly competition. Next find some unique and super fun games. Finally pick a date, select the best park in town and have fun.

7 Steps to Starting a Successful Online Business From Scratch

IntroductionProviding instant value to very many people online has never been easier than it is today. This has also been compounded by social media platforms which have literally introduced us to new kingdoms almost overnight. The result, many millionaires being made every day. You have probably heard of the terms ‘new money’, ‘new rich’, ‘digital economy’ etc. As an example, when I really started understanding the power of Instagram, I was blown away. In 5 minutes, just by putting up 1 engaging post with entrepreneurial speak and targeted hashtags, I was able to converse instantly with other entrepreneurs in 3 different continents!But how do you and I become self-sufficient in starting a profitable online business in the first place?We must first understand the requirements and then get the right education. Self-sufficient to me means my skills for being profitable online are future-proof. Think about all-weather paint… or an all-weather road. Plan to play a big game. It is also necessary to think expansively as Robert Kiyosaki puts it.That said, here are 7 steps that I discovered to ensure sustainable business success online. Excited?! OK. Let us get into it.7 Steps To Starting A Profitable Online Business1. Passion & ClarityWe must be driven by passion. We need to know WHY we want to start the online business in the first place. As for me, I am extremely passionate about freedom and choice. I really needed a way to make money without having to report to a job that required me to work inside a brain numbing routine. I was in between boarding schools for 10 years when I was growing up and that was enough for me to find out I didn’t do routines very well. Then I started my work life and realised how much control I DID NOT have about what I wanted to DO. Become very clear about what is driving you towards starting a business online.2. GoalsThe online space can compare to a noisy street marketplace; lots of people, all wanting to be seen and heard.Define your goals clearly i.e. passive income, time freedom, geographical freedom or even one of my personal favourites, financial freedom. Then go in and start creating a business with those clear goals in mind.3. Re – Think What You Know About Being OnlineBeing profitable online can create a lot of freedom but it’s not an instant success. There’s a lot of learning and re-skilling that needs to happen. For me, this was a lot more like learning a new ‘language’. I knew the Internet very casually. It was a place to spend my free time browsing music videos, posting random Facebook posts and watching news that I did not need to know about. I had to change my beliefs and the mindset that was driving whatever I thought I knew about being online. Every time I saw an ad I thought it was a scam. Sure enough, there are a lot of scams out there but we live in a society where ‘good’ and ‘bad’ must exist in the same space. The mindset that is driving you to the online space must be one that sees the vast opportunity that exists on that platform. A chance for you to create a life that up to this point was only a dream.4. Focus On Providing ValuePeople buy from people they think they know, like and trust. As much as it is tempting to think that people are online waiting to be told what they need or don’t need, most people are online looking to solve real problems, and sometimes very painful ones.If you can understand this fact, then your focus must be genuine interest in wanting to help people, a lot of people. This focus becomes your guide for providing high-quality solutions that will fix their problems and reduce or eliminate their ‘pain’.5. Master The Art Of Marketing With All Your HeartFind a way to reach as many people as you can who have big problems that need to be fixed with your proven high-quality product or service on the Internet. With so many options available today, creativity is key. Pick 2 marketing strategies, for example, Facebook and email marketing that you have the patience to run with for the long haul. Don’t stop until you have mastered these 2 strategies.Think about Amazon today. They started with selling books. In fact, selling books is formally their core business! Think about that for a minute. That said, today Amazon sells everything under the sun. Why? Because today they are in the business of fixing peoples’ everyday problems using the Internet.6. Power Of BeliefHave the belief that it’s possible for you. Before I started online, all I had ever sold was personal electronics I wanted to dispose of using the ebays and gumtrees. However, I had heard about people making millions of dollars online… But then came the day I was contemplating my first online business. I had to face my own self-doubt. I needed to answer the following question very honestly:Eddie, “DO YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE YOU CAN MAKE MONEY ONLINE?”If you are reading this today, this will be without a doubt the most important question you will ever ask yourself as an online entrepreneur.It is impossible to achieve before we believe. When the hard times visit, this is the only one thing that will push this ‘unwanted’ guest out the front door! I had to believe I could make it online and that it would change how I lived, worked and played period.7. Mentorship and Master Mind GroupsYou have heard the saying, “we become what we think about all day”. Thoughts make us act in a certain way, which then brings a certain type of results in our lives. To be successful we must think in a certain way and act in a certain way so that we can get the results we want. With that in mind, we must spend a lot of time with people who want the same results and those who have already created these results.The people who have already created the results then become your mentors. If I was going to create a lifestyle of freedom and choice using an online business, I needed to spend time with people who had already created one. I also needed to have mentors as part of this process. So that is exactly what I did. It really is that simple.Final ThoughtIn the end, all we really want is a better more fulfilling life experience, right? Money is good, very good indeed because it creates choice. Oh, how beautiful that word is! choice. With Money being a non-issue, we can freely choose any experience we want and go for it. When money is not an issue, I can choose to have a bucket of chicken at a local KFC (my personal favourite delicacy) or have a plate of honey glazed chicken dinner served at The Hilton, where service is absolutely top notch. In both cases, I get to have my favourite food, chicken but the experience is Worlds apart right?So go ahead & take action every day and make the decision to keep going until you get there. It is impossible to fail if giving up is not on your cards.